Aleksandra Mitrović

Hello! My name is Aleksandra Mitrovic. I am a student of Serbian Language and Comparative Literature. I am very passionate about everything related to teaching and languages and I really enjoy helping others to learn my native language.

Currently I am working as a professor of Serbian as a foreign language over the internet, and I am employed as an online English teacher. I worked as a librarian in the Center for Church Studies,
and I have been editor in Student’s Online Newspaper since 2013. I spent one season on Work and Travel program in the United States, where I worked as a lifeguard. For the third time in a row I’m working on the project “So that the whole world can understand you” realized by the City of Nis and the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the region of the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I am in love with nature as I tend to spend most of my free time outdoors doing things such as hiking, mountaineering, biking. For many years I have been practicing yoga, which in turn increased my patience and overall sense of calmness.