Ana Mijajlović

Ana Mijajlovic was born on May 20, 1990 in Krusevac, Serbia. She was attending elementary school “Nada Popović” (1997-2005) and finished it as the holder of the Vuk Karadzic’s diploma, also, the Gymnasium Krusevac (2005-2009) in her hometown. She enrolled in Bachelor studies in Serbistics at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš in 2009 and graduated in 2014, with an average grade of 8.73. In September 2015 she defended the master thesis “The Forms of Politeness in the Curriculum of Contemporary Serbian Language Teaching” and finished Master studies for the education of teachers of subject teaching with an average grade of 9.11.

Ana was a member of the journalistic section and editorial department of the Gymnasium`s “Venturi” (2006-2009), the Host of the radio show “Venturi” (2006-2009) and one of the hosts and editors of the “Stive” show on the Plus TV in Krusevac (2007-2008). She participated in volunteer work on the projects “Teaching Serbian language through Skype for Youth from Diaspora” (2014–2015) and “So That Whole World Could Understand You” (2015) implemented by The City Office for Cooperation with the Diaspora, Faculty of Philosophy and NGO “Proactive”, supported by the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region of the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She did her internship in primary school “Jovan Popović” in Kruševac (2016–2017).

She is the second year of Doctoral Academic Studies in Philology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš. The main field of her interest is the methodology of Serbian as a native language teaching.