Dušan Đorđević

My name is Dušan Đorđević. I was born on 5th of January 1996 in Surdulica. I finished my Elementary and Highschool also in Surdulica. Currently I am a forth  year student at Faculty of Philosophy of Niš, Serbian Language and literature Department. My interests are literatury, language, history, music and film.

I write poetry and short stories. Some of my works have been published in „Srpska kuća“ within Časopis za mlade. My intentions are Philology studies, first of all as a teacher and than as a potential researcher. I applied for this project to find new friends and gather new experiences. My hopes are successful cooperation with other project participants but also continuation of working together with them.

E-mail: asapredavac6@asasocijacija.com
Skype: asapredavac6@asasocijacija.com