Ivana Simić

My name is Ivana. I was born in 1995 in Krusevac. I’m a final year on studies Serbian language and literature in Niš. I am addicted to reading, improving knowledge and acquiring new ones in this field, and these are the main reasons why I decided for these studies.

My other passions are history (especially Serbian history) and foreign languages. I speak English at a high level, Macedonian and Spanish at the middle level. I’m currently learning German and Bulgarian language. Also, in my spare time I work as teacher of Serbian language in a small private school in Niš for children of all ages. After graduation I would like to do this job because it is a wonderful feeling to participate in the education and upbringing of children.

E-mail: asapredavac35@asasocijacija.com
Skype: asapredavac35@asasocijacija.com