Katarina Stamenković

My name is Katarina Stamenkovic. I am 26 years old, and I am from Serbia. I graduated Serbian Language and Literature of Faculty of Philosophy in the City of Nis, Serbia.

As a student of Serbian Language  and Literature of Faculty of Philosophy I had that honor to publish some essays about culture and life of youths in the City of Nis in students’ online magazine. Also, during my studies, I had the opportunity to publish some articles for online magazine for culture and current happenings in our country and happenings all over the world.

Within methodical practice during my bachelor studies, I gained priceless experience and I got valuable knowledge of teaching in elementary and high school.

It`s my great honor to take part in project called “The equalizer – together to success”. As a volunteer, my role in this project is to help elementary school students in studying and to support them if they have any learning difficulties. This project aim is to prevent children`s risky behavior through sport and education, and it`s realized by Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, and the Ministry od Youth and Sports. This project supported by Embassy of Israel in Serbia and the OSCE Mission. I would really like to take part in similar projects in the future.

My goals is to be involved in projects similar to this in the coming period, which enable working with children and stimulate their education, as well as affirmation of teachers to engage and realize workshops on the importance of education.

The past experience in working with children, as well as taking part in summer school and many seminars in the field of literature, language and culture have enabled me to make my personally progress and to improve my communication skills and work in the team. I think that beside formal education, informal education, curiosity, and great desire for constantprogression andachievements are very important.

I like to dance, that was my hobby since I was in elemenary school. I like to practice latin dance and hip hop. I enjoy in nature and I`m very excited about exploring new landscapes. Sport is very important for every of us, so I tend to do sports as much as I can. That`s important for health and positive spirit. Also, creative works bring me inspiration every day. I like to decorate interiorsand make different unique details for every interior special.

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