Ljubica Draganić

Ljubica Draganic was born at 17. 6. 1995. in Bor. Elementary school she attended in Brestovac, her birth village, and she graduated gymnasium in Bor. While she was attending gymnasium she was specially interested in literature. On Olympics literature she won a third place. Since that moment she was determined that studying Serbian language and literature will be her future call.

Today she is studying serbistics on Faculty of Philosophy in Nis for four years now. Although she seems calm and shy she loves hanging out with her friends, but her favorite thing is talking about languages and literature. She is ready to share her knowledge with others and she also considers that language, tradition and culture are the base of our identity and existence. Her wish is to participate in conserving the most important thing that we have, and that are language and culture.

E-mail: asapredavac15@asasocijacija.com
Skype: asapredavac15@asasocijacija.com