Marija Milenović

I graduated at the Basic academic studies of Serbian language and literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nis in 2017. After that, I enrolled in the Master studies of philology which I’m currently finishing. During my education, I acquired knowledge of English, German, French and Spanish and currently I’m learning Japanese. In elementary school I won 4th place at the republic recital competition. During high school and college, I also engaged in some additional jobs – I worked for two years in the ,,Vulkan’’ bookstore and participated in the activities organized by the Youth office in Nis. I also have experience in teaching Serbian language as a native to children and adults. Two years ago, I’ve participated in the project “Teaching Serbian language through Skype for diaspora youth” and received a certificate on professional development and the recommendation of the Service for the Mayor of Nis in the area of ​​the methodology of Serbian as a native. I’ve gained an excellent experience in teaching our diaspora youth and I have a nice friendship with my previous student. I love art in every form and I can transfer that love to my students. First of all, I love Serbian language and I hope that my student will successfully overmaster it or improve it after the completion of this project and also learn something new about our history and culture. I’m looking forward to future cooperation with you!

Personal data:
First and last name: Marija Milenović
Address: Velikotrnavska 2, 18000 Nis
Date and place of birth: 28.4.1993. Krusevac
Phone: 061/675-01-81