Prof. Marina Janjić

Marina Janjić (1970: Leskovac), doctor of philological sciences, professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš. In her twenty-year teaching and scientific experience in university education, she has published over a hundred scientific and professional papers in linguistic and pedagogical periodicals and collections of papers from scientific conferences in the country and abroad (Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovenia, Macedonia, Republic of Serbia).

The printed works are predominantly in the field of applied linguistics, i.e. languages ​​in use and methods of teaching languages ​​and literature.

She is the author of the following books:

  • Teaching of Cases in theory and practice, Faculty of Teacher Education in Vranje (2004),
  • Modern teaching of speech culture in elementary school, Novi Sad: Zmaj (2008),
  • Methodological reflections on contemporary aspects of the teaching of phonetics and phonology of the Serbian language, Faculty of Philosophy in Nis (2015),
  • Serbian language for students in diaspora, Proaktiv, Nis (2015),
  • Serbian for Beginners, A Short Course of Serbian for Foreign Students – Survival Serbian / Serbian for beginners, A short course of Serbian language for foreign students. E-book. Niš: Faculty of Philosophy (2016) and
  • Methodological horizons – selected chapters of teaching methods of Serbian language and literature. Belgrade: NM libris (2017).

In co-authorship, she announced:

  • Individualized teaching of Serbian language and literature I-IV, Faculty of Teacher Education in Vranje (2008),
  • Space, time, society – meetings in language, Faculty of Education in Jagodina (2012),
  • Practicum for the realization of professional teaching practice with student’sportfoio, Niš: Faculty of Philosophy (2014),
  • Academic design of Serbian language classes, Niš: Faculty of Philosophy (2015).