Milica Jovanović

Milica Jovanović was born on the 6th of April, 1995 in the town of Knjazevac, where she has completed elementary and middle school. She is Serbian language student (fourth year) on College of Philosophy, Nis. She loves languages, and is fluent in German and English, while she partially understand and speak Macedonian and Slovenian. However basic fields of her interest are serbian language and culture. In the future, she plans to dedicate herself on study of Serbian Philology. She is familiar with computers and she knows a lot when it comes to the field of computer technologies. It is her honor to be part of this project “Online learning of serbian as native tongue”, considering that this is a great chance for her to advance in her career. She is communicative and friendly, and loves to work with kids. She is ready to share her knowledge, have serious and interesting conversations through games and fun conversation. She believes that human being is the wealthiest once when he knows his language and culture well. That is why she is calling you to join her in this great adventure.