Tamara Kostić

Tamara S. Kostic was born on June 16, 1994 in Nis. She finished elementary school and gymnasium in Nis. She graduated in 2017 at the Faculty of Philosophy Nis at Department of Serbian language and Literature and recieved her Bachelor’s degree. She published her first work in the Student magazine “Nedogledi”. From 2013 to 2017, she volunteered as a librarian at the Library of the Center for Ecclesiastical Studies in Nis. She has been attending various seminars for many years, thus obtaining a certificate for attending “The Course for Successful Journalism and PR”.

Her greatest pleasure is traveling, socializing with people and getting to know new cultures and languages. She attained contacts with people from all over the world through social networks, and she tried to awaken interest and love from them for Serbian language and Serbian culture. In communication with others, she is improving her knowledge of English and discovering the magic of Spanish and French. In addition to being able to help those interested in mastering the Serbian language, this type of communication means personally to her in order to perfect her profession. The best motivation for learning a language is the love for it.

E-mail: asapredavac39@asasocijacija.com
Skype: asapredavac39@asasocijacija.com