Accredited online teacher of Serbian, Accedimc Serbian assotiation, Милена Видојковић, Академска српска асоцијација

Milena Vidojkovic

Accredited online teacher of Serbian of the Academic Serbian Association by the Ministry of Education, Science and the Technological Development Republic of Serbia

Name: Milena Vidojkovic

Date of Birth: 1989.

Birthplace: Serbia

Education: Graduate teacher of Serbian language and literature

Profession: online teacher of Serbian

Online teaching experience: 1 year

Number of classes: 336

Current Students Nationalities: United States, Norway, Ireland

Mother tongue: Serbian

Other languages: English

Email address:

Hobbies: playing the guitar, singing, rollerblading, yoga


Our students’ experiences so far:

D. M. United States

“My teacher was very nice and friendly, made classes interesting and helped me learn a lot of Serbian. I am very grateful because I can now learn more Serbian by myself.”

S. M. United States

“Milena is a very nice and thorough teacher. I am very satisfied with her way of teaching and how she always found a way to please me to learn about something that interests me (Serbian fairy tales, Serbian history and culture). Because of her I can now write, talk and read in Serbian much more fluently. Before this course, I could not read a single word in Cyrillic, and now I can read and understand very well. I am very grateful for this course and for all the help that Milena gave me. ”

With the declarations of the Agency for Qualifications from February 24, 2020, the online programs of Serbian language as a foreign/ heritage of the Academic Serbian Association are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, for levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. Apply for the first trial lesson here.