Katarina Milenkovic

Accredited teacher of the Academic Serbian Association by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development Republic of Serbia

Name: Katarina Milenkovic

Date of Birth: 1996.

Birthplace: Serbia

Education: Master philologist and PhD student in philology

Online teaching experience: 1 year

Number of lessons: 250

Current Students’ Nationalities: Argentina, Canada, Great Britain, United States

Mother tongue: Serbian

Other languages: English, French, Spanish

Email address: info@asasocijacija.com

Hobbi: learning languages, traveling, walking in nature


Our students’ experiences so far:

M. G. Canada

“Katarina Milenković was an excellent teacher that I had in the Serbian language course. We had a lot in common and her teaching methods are wonderful. I can say that she finds joy in teaching and wants to have a good relationship with students. She always had understanding and I was very lucky to have her as a teacher. ”

M. M. Argentina

“Katarina is a very patient and modest teacher.”

I. P. Canada

“Katarina is a passionate person who wants me to learn and use what I have learned in life. She was a phenomenal teacher for me and that is why I would recommend Katarina to everyone. Katarina is a great person and I want to thank her for everything she helped me.”

M. S. Canada

“Katarina was really sweet, friendly, and really cared about me as a student. She even paid attention to my interests and implemented them into the classes and into the homework. All in all she was a really great teacher and it was really fun to learn Serbian with her.”