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Isidora Jaksic Perovic

Online teacher of Serbian of the Academic Serbian Association 

Name: Isidora Jaksic Perovic

Date of Birth: 1993.

Birthplace: Serbia

Education: Master philologist and Ph.D. student in philology

Profession: online teacher of Serbian

Online teaching experience: 5 years

Number of classes: 778

Current Students’ Nationalities: Poland, Australia, United States, Germany, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Sweden, Canada, Great Britain, Denmark

Mother tongue: Serbian

Other languages: English, Russian and French

Email address:

Hobbies: books, music, sports, foreign languages


Our students’ experiences so far:

A. N. Tanzania

“I have to thank Isidora for inspiring me to learn Serbian with pleasure. She was just preparing interesting classes and I learned a lot about the rich Serbian history and culture. ”

K. M. United Arab Emirates

“When Isidora was assigned to teach me I was really shocked of how professional and committed she is to teach. She is the reason why I want to complete other levels. I’m so thankful for her and I appreciate her teaching methods she does a lot of extra work just so that I learn and memorize.”

B. M. Canada

“She was very kind and always tried!”

M. D. United States

“What I liked the most was that we learned how to order food and listened to different presentations of other members of the group. My teacher Isidora is educated and easy to talk to.”

F. S. Great Britain

“I am very glad to have the opportunity to meet people from different cities and countries who are of Serbian origin. Thanks a lot, it was fun! ”

R. K. Sweden

“I think that my teacher is great with an incredible and enthusiastic attitude that additionally motivated me to learn more Serbian. She always started classes with a smile and did her best to teach us as much as possible during the time she had.”

E. N. United States

“I really liked that we all talked to each other in the group. Isidora was friendly and always helped us.”

M. R. Great Britain

“Our teacher helped us a lot in class and I liked the content of the classes and the way we studied. I loved rehearsing different scenarios with my friends from the group! ”

P. C. United States

“Isidora is personable, knowledgeable and patient. She was good at encouraging me and working to the speed I needed as a novice learner. I enjoyed my class with her very much.”

Accredited online teacher of Serbian – profile:


With the declarations of the Agency for Qualifications from February 24, 2020, the online programs of Serbian language as a foreign/ heritage of the Academic Serbian Association are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, for levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. Apply for the first trial lesson here.