Tina Milojić

Tina Milojić was born on March 24, 1995, in Niš. She grew up in Svrljig.

She is studying at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Niš, at the Department of Serbian language and literature. She is the student of the fourth year of studies. Before the college, she finished the socio-linguistic department of the Gymnasium “Stevan Sremac” in Niš.

When it comes to a job that involves direct contact with people, she performed an announcer job at local publicevents. She also works in the organization for the exchange of high school students, and she has experience in communication with foreigners.

She uses English – understanding and writing at a higher level, and conversation on a medium level.

She is a communicative person, enthusiast, committed and responsible, friendly and ready to cooperate with different people. She transmits her knowledge in an interesting way, clearly and concisely.

E-mail: asapredavac29@asasocijacija.com
Skype: asapredavac29@asasocijacija.com