Life is not about living, but feeling alive

Vasilij Kljucevski


Take control of your own life!

PEAT is a techniqe that helps us release negative emotional strain (fears, anger, sadness, feeling of guilt…), which often overwhelms us and subconsciously controls our lives.

This technique was introduced by clinical psychologist Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski.

The experience of PEAT process showed that you can achieve inner balance and release creative personality potential in a relatively short period of time.

Who is PEAT meant for?

PEAT is for all those who are willing and ready to work on themselves, to face their inner emotional blockings and to release them.  

The organization is especially focused on working with people from the diaspora

Благо оним тамо
Што нису овамо,
Но су само тамо,
Јер ми смо овамо
Ни ‘вамо ни тамо! 

Ljubisa Simic (Frankfurt, Germany)

If you often find yourself in a situation to ask: ,,Who am I? Where do I belong?” And you feel fear of failure, rejection, you feel lonely, or you are worried about overcoming cultural differences. You have a feeling of insecurity because of a lack of family and friends’ support. Fear of you and your children losing contact to your roots – your homeland.

If you are thinking about returning to your homeland, or you have already done so, you probably already ask yourself these questions. .

Is there a right answer to the question that you could be asked: ,,Why did you come back?”

Fear of reconnecting with the people we grew apart from.

Fear of starting to be bothered again by the same things that led me to leave my homeland in the first place.

Fear of asking if this is the right decision

Fear for my children’s future.

 Regardless of where you’re from, what religion or nationality, we can work on the problems you all share:

  • negative experiences from the past, which greatly affect the current situation and choices we make, and which we are often not even aware of (frequent intense conflicts in the family, loss, neglect and lack of understanding…).
  • gained negative beliefs (I am not good enough, life is suffering, love should be earned, and many others…).
  • inner resistance that occurs when we want to achieve a goal (procrastinating, seeking fault in others, constant doubt, anger, fear, insecurity).


If you wish to work on yourself and to improve the quality of your life with the help of PEAT, our team is there for you.

If you want to have free consultations, you need to fill out this questionnaire and to the test, to check if PEAT is the right method for you


 Fill out the questionnaire


After filling out the questionnaire, our PEAT team will contact you via e-mail and schedule the first free séance. Following this, you can read the rules of relationship between the therapist and the client during the séance, where you can mark your consent.

*Peat is not meant for persons with a diagnosed severe mental disorder.