When the Academic Serbian Association was founded, and what is its main purpose?

The Academic Serbian Association was founded on 27th October 2016, in Niš. The main purpose of the Association is teaching online Serbian language as a foreign (or heritage) language to children and adults in the diaspora. In addition to teaching Serbian language, we also engage in:

  1. collecting and processing scientific and academic data in order to enhance and expand academic research on the said topic;
  2. collaborating with universities, schools, public districts, professional associations and other national and international organizations, in order to organize conferences, consultations, seminars and other forms of education, as well as other types of workshops, manifestations, after which certificates would be handed out, respectively;
  3. publishing conference books, journals, magazines, as well as other publications dealing with improvement of the academic community’s position and promoting the analytical research method;
  4. keeping up and doing research in the field of language, culture and communication, encouraging cultural and artistic creativity, advocating for cultural and historical heritage, as well as promoting it all;
  5. networking the academic Serbian association both in the country and abroad, for the sake of preserving Serbian identity;
  6. improving the economic environment in order to prevent ‘brain drain’ and to develop the youth’s entrepreneurship abilities and volunteer activism;
  7. advocating for activating and connecting the youth in order to improve their global status and the possibilities to influence strategically important global decisions;
  8. forming responsible young citizens, who are aware of their value, rights and duties and who are willing to upgrade their education, improve their abilities, all the while selflessly helping other people, so that they could induce the development of social politics and social work in the academic community;
  9. popularization and improvement of scientific and contemporary educational techniques and methods.

The Association is the only accredited organization which engages in teaching Serbian language online

The Academic Serbian Association is an online school for learning Serbian as a heritage and foreign language via Skype.

In February 2020, the Academic Serbian Association received accreditation for learning programs from the Agency for Qualifications and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and became the only accredited school in Serbia for learning Serbian as a heritage and foreign language.
Certificates and learning programs of the Academic Serbian Association are recognized all over the world.

Learning programs are designed to provide an opportunity for many Serbs living throughout the diaspora to learn their heritage language, ie. to improve knowledge. In addition to Serbs in the diaspora, our users are also foreigners.
In addition to learning the Serbian language, our candidates have the opportunity to get to know Serbian history, culture and tradition.

More than 350 candidates from all over the world have gone through our learning program.
The countries from which our students come are: the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, Croatia, Slovenia, Tanzania, Peru, as well as many European countries (UK, France, Austria, Germany) , Greece, Czech Republic, Norway, Spain, Russia, Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Romania, Albania, Denmark, etc.).

Association has a large number of associates in the diaspora (embassies and consulates of the Republic of Serbia and parties located in Serbia, media, associations and churches) who monitor and promote all activities.

The Academic Serbian Association has signed collaboration protocols with the following:

  1. Faculty of Philosophy, University in Niš;
  2. College of Applied Technical Sciences in Niš;
  3. Association Sedmica from Frankfurt.
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    Let’s learn Serbian

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