Mladenci – a holiday of young married couples, love, loyalty and mladenčići cakes

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22 Mar 2023
Customs, beliefs, mladenčići cakes and holiday symbolism There is a custom related to the Mladenci day, the newlyweds, who got married that year, celebrate the holiday and bake cakes called mladenčići. The symbolism of the holiday is reflected in the fact that the newlyweds should provide each other with fidelity, loyalty, love and self-sacrifice, just as the martyrs did for...

Customs of celebrating International Women’s Day in Serbia

Običaji u Srba u vezi sa ratovanjem, ženidbom i prilikom rađanjaUčenici iz dijaspore
07 Mar 2023
We all love in the same language - that language is called love Due to the large diaspora of the Republic of Serbia, there have been many mixed marriages. One of the first problems that can arise are communication problems in different languages, different cultural differences in celebrating holidays. This time we are dealing with the topic of how a...

Sretenje – the meeting day of summer and winter, history, church heritage and folk customs

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14 Feb 2023
After the disintegration of the SFRY, Serbia as an independent country set out to establish its own public holidays. Since its establishment in 2002, the Statehood Day of our republic is celebrated every year on February 15 and 16. What do we associate these dates with? First of all, it is the event that happened in Orašac, when the First...

Teaching Serbian as a foreign is more than a professional engagement

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26 Dec 2022
Teaching Serbian as a foreign is more than a professional engagement. - When I learnt ASA was looking for a teacher of Serbian as a foreign or native language, I immediately knew I wanted to take part in this program. Tamara from ASA introduced me to  teachers Ana, Djole, Ivana and many others from the association. They told me about...

Artistic disassociation

Psihologija umetnosti
17 Nov 2020
Artistic disassociation: The connection between the artist and his work We have art so that we shall not die of reality – Friedrich Nietzsche Using his psychology knowledge and his sense for psychological problems, the artist was more often than not, unintentionally, the predecessor of psychology as a scientific field and its ground-breaking revelations. Creating a bond between relevant social...

Revising the present tense through a dialogue scene from the movie ,,Lajanje na zvezde”

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07 Apr 2018
Polysemantic structure of Serbian words and phrases   Besides revising the conjugation in the present tense, and that distinguishing Serbian from English as an inflective language, we also learned about the polysemantic structure of Serbian words and phrases, whose double meaning leads to a comedic effect.   –          Šta piljiš u mene? Why are you gaping at me? –          Odmaram...