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Katarina Lazic

Accredited online teacher of Serbian of the Academic Serbian Association by the Ministry of Education, Science and the Technological Development Republic of Serbia

Name: Katarina Milenkovic

Date of Birth: 1996.

Birthplace: Serbia

Education: Master philologist and Ph.D. student in philology

Profession: online teacher of Serbian

Online teaching experience: 3 years

Number of classes: 1010

Current Students’ Nationalities: Romania, Argentina, Canada, Great Britain, United States, France, Norway, Turkey, Poland

Mother tongue: Serbian

Other languages: English, French, Spanish

Email address: info@asasocijacija.com

Hobbies: learning languages, traveling, walking in nature


Our students’ experiences so far:

M. G. Canada

“Katarina Milenković was an excellent teacher that I had in the Serbian language course. We had a lot in common and her teaching methods are wonderful. I can say that she finds joy in teaching and wants to have a good relationship with students. She always had understanding and I was very lucky to have her as a teacher. ”

M. M. Argentina

“Katarina is a very patient and modest teacher.”

I. P. Canada

“Katarina is a passionate person who wants me to learn and use what I have learned in life. She was a phenomenal teacher for me and that is why I would recommend Katarina to everyone. Katarina is a great person and I want to thank her for everything she helped me.”

M. S. Canada

“Katarina was really sweet, friendly, and really cared about me as a student. She even paid attention to my interests and implemented them into the classes and into the homework. All in all she was a really great teacher and it was really fun to learn Serbian with her.”

M. B. Great Britain

“I liked how the teacher explained grammar when I made mistakes.”

N. K. Canada

“Katarina is a wonderful teacher, I learned a lot from her. It was wonderful to meet people from different parts of the world.”

M. S. United States

“Katarina is a very good teacher. She is fun and very interested that we learn the Serbian better. ”

A. N. Canada

“The atmosphere in the classes was great. Katarina is a very kind person. She was always patient and tried her best to teach us. ”

H. C. Argentina

“It was wonderful to meet people from different parts of the world. Thank you for being such a patient teacher, I appreciate your effort! ”

M. P. Canada

“I liked Katarina very much, she was very patient and kind. I am glad that she was my teacher. She taught us a lot, and the best classes were when we learned about many Serbian artists. ”

N. J. France

“Katarina is a very good person, she speaks several languages and has adapted to everyone so that we can progress as much as possible.”

D. V. Canada

“Our teacher was very kind and really motivated to help us learn. She always encouraged us and was never tiring when she corrected our mistakes. I felt like I could ask her anything and I always got the best answers.”

I. and M. O. Norway

“Katarina is a great teacher. We are very pleased with her work. We would like to continue learning with her.”

M. and P. C. United States

“We liked the dynamism the most and the fact that the teacher can keep their attention for 45 minutes.”


With the declarations of the Agency for Qualifications from February 24, 2020, the online programs of Serbian language as a foreign/ heritage of the Academic Serbian Association are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, for levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. Apply for the first trial lesson here.