Maša Nikolić

About: Maša Nikolić

Topics Handling
Course Name Lesson Name Complexity Length
P-14 Kurs srpskog jezika Fifi Dragan Lukić Easy 45 mins
P-14 Kurs srpskog jezika Upoznavanje sa abecedom (drugi deo) 45 mins
P-14 Kurs srpskog jezika Učenje slova 90 mins
P-14 Kurs srpskog jezika Upoznavanje 45 mins

My name is Maša Nikolić, I was born on 1th of December 1995, in Pirot, Serbia. I graduated High school Gimnazija Pirot with honors. There I began to nurture my great love for Serbian language and literature. I participated in national competitions in this field.

I study Srbistika (Serbian language and Serbian and comparative literature) on the Collegе of Philosophy of University of Nis since 2014. I am currently at my final, 4th year of studying.

Not only do I speak English very well, but I also speak  and understand some French, Spanish and Macedonian.

I love to travel and I use every free moment to travel and discover something new. I have an adventurous spirit and I enjoy new challenges. On my travels I love trying out new  food and seeing different architecture. I am a dreamer who enjoys music.I am quite friendly so I get along with children managing to teach them through different games

My dream is to become a teacher of Serbian language and literature to the Serbian children that live abroad.