April Fool’s Day

Урбана култураУчење српског језикаУченици из дијаспоре
01 Apr 2023

Be careful! Shenanigans, funny plots and witticisms are lurking! Today is April Fool’s Day!
The point of today is to make a harmless prank, spread a fake news and play a joke on someone. The joke made is called an April Fool’s joke, and after we have played a joke with someone and admit that it is a joke, we exclaim (aprilili) – April Fools!

How did Joke Day come about?

Wondering how Joke Day came about? There is no precisely defined answer to the question posed, but there are theories.
One theory is linked to the Bible – namely, there are beliefs that the Feast of Jokes has been celebrated since Noah first released a dove to check whether the water from the great flood had receded.

The unwritten rule is that jokes are only made until noon, and anyone who plays a joke or makes a joke after noon is called an April fool (aprilska budala). However, this is not the case in Serbia, where jokes are made throughout the day.

How to make a joke on Joke Day?

April Fool’s Day is known as a day for pranks, pranks and witty deceptions. In addition to various schemes, such as putting salt instead of sugar in coffee, making someone a salty cake, telling fake news and pretending it’s true, one of the ways to have fun and joke is to tell jokes. Here are some suggestions:

– The conductor asks the person on the bus:
– Do you have a ticket?
– A ticket, please.
– A ticket!
Ne razumem.
Vašu kartu molim.

– Why are languages ​​called mother tongues?
Because fathers rarely get to speak.

Milica: – Digitron is man’s best friend.
Perica: – Why?
Milica: – You can always count on him.

The author of the text ” April Fool’s Day” is Jovana Jaćimović, an online lecturer of the Serbian language of the Academic Serbian Association, the only accredited school for learning the Serbian language in online classes. Sign up for a free first trial lesson and learn with us. See you!