Artistic disassociation

Психологија уметности
17 Nov 2020
Artistic disassociation: The connection between the artist and his work We have art so that we shall not die of reality – Friedrich Nietzsche Using his psychology knowledge and his sense for psychological problems, the artist was more often than not, unintentionally, the predecessor of psychology as a scientific field and its ground-breaking revelations. Creating a bond between relevant social...

Revising the present tense through a dialogue scene from the movie ,,Lajanje na zvezde”

Историја и култура Срба кроз векове
07 Apr 2018
Polysemantic structure of Serbian words and phrases   Besides revising the conjugation in the present tense, and that distinguishing Serbian from English as an inflective language, we also learned about the polysemantic structure of Serbian words and phrases, whose double meaning leads to a comedic effect.   –          Šta piljiš u mene? Why are you gaping at me? –          Odmaram...