Celebration of Saint Petka

30 Oct 2023

October 27th is a very important day for the team of the Academic Serbian Association for several reasons. First of all, that day is the birthday of the Academic Serbian Association, and this year it is our eighth in a row!

Another reason is that October 27th is a big holiday in Serbia – Saint Petka. Saint Petka ranks sixth in the list of the most important Serbian holidays in terms of the number of celebrations. Respect for Saint Petka is very deeply rooted among Serbs, so the celebration of this saint is widespread in different parts of Serbia, especially in the east of the country.

We spent the first part of the day with our wonderful eighth graders who are preparing for their final exam in the Serbian Academic Association. We served wheat for children and shared, not only support and confidence in their success, but also warm words and good wishes. We are very honored to have celebrated this great day with our students, because they are of great importance to the Academic Serbian Association and we are here precisely because of them.

Our celebration at school was magnified by the professors as well as the associates.


This year’s holiday was on a Friday, in accordance with Orthodox customs, we celebrated it in the spirit of fasting, preparing abundant fasting food for our dear guests.


For us, it was not only a time of joy and a meal, but also a time of spiritual connection with friends and enjoyment of a sacred and traditional ceremony.