Customs of celebrating International Women’s Day in Serbia

Обичаји у Срба у вези са ратовањем, женидбом и приликом рађањаУченици из дијаспоре
07 Mar 2023

We all love in the same language – that language is called love

Due to the large diaspora of the Republic of Serbia, there have been many mixed marriages. One of the first problems that can arise are communication problems in different languages, different cultural differences in celebrating holidays. This time we are dealing with the topic of how a Serbian son-in-law  (zet) or daughter-in-law (snajka) can congratulate March 8.

Buying flowers and beauty products

If you are a foreigner, don’t be surprised if you see people on the streets all over Serbia carrying bouquets or gifts with cosmetic products. During the celebration of this holiday, be sure to give your mother-in-law a bouquet of flowers or cosmetic products. Ask your partner what his or her mother likes about flowers or cosmetics. Get ready to allocate a bigger budget because it is considered prudent to give something to all the women in the family. Men must be especially careful because the mother-in-law will surely ask what you gave to her beloved daughter.

Going to the Kafana

In addition to gifts, it is customary for women to go out that evening. You can guess that the kafana is the first choice of many. When you go to the kafana, be sure to bring a flower for all the women attending the celebration. Make an effort to respect etiquette and manners and to remain a true gentleman in every situation throughout the evening. Trust me that all eyes will be on you and that your every action will be judged accordingly.

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Correct writing of greeting cards

The names of holidays are capitalized; in multi-part words, only the first word, and the others start with a lowercase letter (Osmi mart), except for proper names. You should avoid writing with a number – March 8.

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