Polyglot Café held at the Academic Serbian Association – A place to learn a foreign language and meet new friends

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15 Jun 2023

Polyglot Café is a place that brings together enthusiasts of foreign languages and cultures. This concept is well-known around the world and provides people with the opportunity to socialize, meet new friends, and improve their foreign language skills.

Polyglot Café is often organized in cafes, restaurants, or other places where people can relax and enjoy the company of other polyglots. To participate in Polyglot Café, it is not necessary to be a language expert, as everyone who wants to improve their knowledge or share it with others is welcome.

The Polyglot Café offers you the opportunity to learn a language in a way that is not difficult and boring, but through conversations with people who speak that language. This method of learning has proven to be highly effective, as modern language is used in natural conversation that covers not only grammar but also the life, culture and history of the country whose language is being learnt.

Polyglot Café workshops are extremely helpful in foreign language teaching. Professors can organize these events and invite their students to participate. Students will have the opportunity to chat with other polyglots from countries where many languages are spoken as a native language, which allows them to learn different dialects and language variations in a way that would not otherwise be available in the classroom.

The workshops at the Polyglot Café can be helpful to students who are already studying a foreign language. They can converse with people whose native language is the language they are learning and improve their knowledge that way. Additionally, they can meet people from different countries, cultures and traditions, which contributes to the expansion of their world knowledge and cultural diversity.

Learning a foreign language through the Polyglot Café workshops is not only fun and useful but also encourages international cooperation and friendship. People are able to meet and establish friendships with people from other countries, which will allow them to broaden their horizons and experiences.

Workshop participants (China, Portugal, Australia) then discussed the best language learning methods, as well as all the challenges they had faced in the process of learning Serbian. It was very interesting to hear different experiences and ideas, and participants also made an effort to learn from each other. One of the workshop participants was Instagram star Elizabeth Duong from Melbourne, Australia, known for her channel @lizlearnsserbian.

Certainly, all participants were inclined towards the importance of learning a language through interaction with people who are native speakers of that language. Therefore, they were particularly pleased to have the opportunity to meet the world’s “Polyglots” in person at the Serbian Academic Association, where they learned and exchanged knowledge about Serbian language and culture.

The Polyglot Café workshop proved that learning a foreign language can be fun and enjoyable if done in the right way and with the right people. For all those interested in learning Serbian, this workshop is definitely an excellent place to start their journey in learning the language.

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If you want to improve your foreign language skills and meet new people, visit the Academic Serbian Association. The author of the text “Polyglot Café held at the Academic Serbian Association – A place to learn a foreign language and meet new friends” is Marko Radulović, an online Serbian language instructor at the Academic Serbian Association, the only accredited school for learning Serbian language through online classes.

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