Учење српског језика
20 Feb 2024

Native Language Day in Serbia is celebrated on February 21 to commemorate the events of the 19th century, when Serbian students in Kragujevac, in 1835, rebelled against the Turkish authorities’ decision to use the Turkish language in schools instead of Serbian. This rebellion is considered a symbol of the struggle to preserve the national language and identity.

Native Language Day in Serbia is an opportunity to highlight the importance of the Serbian language as part of the cultural heritage and identity of the Serbian people. It is an opportunity to remember how important language is for the preservation of tradition, but also for communication and understanding between people.

Celebrating this day involves various activities that promote the Serbian language, such as literary evenings, performances, forums, writing and speaking competitions, as well as raising awareness of the importance of the mother tongue in education and everyday life.

The Serbian language is part of Serbia’s rich cultural heritage and it is important to nurture and preserve it in order to preserve our identity and connection with our past. Native Language Day is an opportunity to remember that importance and to highlight it as the foundation of our national existence


Text written by: Vera Krstić

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