International Women’s Day: A celebration of achievements in the fight for women’s rights worldwide

Урбана култура
07 Mar 2024

International Women’s Day, celebrated worldwide on March 8th, is a day dedicated to the fight for women’s rights, as well as a day to celebrate their achievements and contributions to society.


This day has a long history and deep-rooted meaning, dating back to the early struggles for women’s rights to contemporary movements for gender equality. The first observances of Women’s Day date back to the 20th century when women around the world began to organize and fight for their rights, such as the right to vote, the right to work and education, as well as the fight against discrimination.

March 8th has become a symbol of that struggle, especially after it was proposed at the Second International Conference of Women in Copenhagen in 1910 to declare this day as International Women’s Day.



Today, International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide through various events, protests, conferences, and actions aimed at raising awareness of the issues women face, but also to celebrate their successes and achievements. March 8th is a day that reminds us that the fight for gender equality is a long process that requires the commitment and solidarity of all of us. It is a day to remember that every woman deserves to live in a world where her rights are respected and protected, where she has equal opportunities for education, work, and participation in public life.

Therefore, it is important that every March 8th, we remember that the fight for gender equality is a fight for a better society for all of us.