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Ana Krstic

Accredited online teacher of Serbian of the Academic Serbian Association by the Ministry of Education, Science and the Technological Development Republic of Serbia

Name: Ana Krstic

Date of Birth: 1994.

Birthplace: Serbia

Education: Master philologist and Ph.D. student in philology

Online teaching experience: 4 years

Number of classes: 1394

Current Students’ Nationalities: Australia, Italy, Argentina, Norway, France, United States, Switzerland, Germany

Mother tongue: Serbian

Other languages: English, German, Italian and Bulgarian

Email address: info@asasocijacija.com

Hobby: learning foreign languages, tracking the world and domestic cultural events


Our students’ experiences so far:

E. D. Australia

“I loved my teacher Ana, I couldn’t have asked for a better person.”

R. E. M. Norway

“She has a great academic depth of knowledge of how language functions and is able to sustain a high-level dialogue about similarities about different other languages.”

T. B. France

“Ana is very skilled, patient, dedicated to her task, and ready to give a good proposal every time. It’s a pleasure to learn with her. I just wish I could be able to have a conversation 100 % in Serbian with her. It will come for sure, but later.”

A. M. United States

“Ana was great! She took my knowledge of  Serbian language to a whole other level and really cleared up my conversational Serbian. She is a very flexible and excellent teacher!”

Our students’ experiences so far:

M. V. United States

“Ana is a fantastic teacher! She is patient, encouraging, and easy to follow. I love how she includes personal anecdotes to illustrate her explanations. It makes the classes lively. I enjoy how she talks about Serbian culture and recommends Serbian music. She is very proficient in English and knows some French, which is an added bonus because she helps me with translations. I also appreciate how flexible she has been with setting up classes. She is always very punctual. I look forward to continuing my classes with Ana.”

A. and D. Dj. Switzerland

“Ana is very patient and we really enjoyed working with her.”

V. L. United States

“The teacher follows my pace and I appreciate how he regularly adjusts the teaching to my needs.”

P. T. United States

“Ana has been a great teacher. Not only teaching me Serbian, but also about the culture/ history around the language.”

L. S. Australia

“When I study with Ana I know I’m going to have an interesting class and learn something new.”


Accredited Online Teacher of Serbian Ana Krstić – profile:


With the declarations of the Agency for Qualifications from February 24, 2020, the online programs of Serbian language as a foreign/ heritage of the Academic Serbian Association are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, for levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. Apply for the first trial lesson here.